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KHMERGAMING Is A Professional Game Platform Development Company, Managing Products Development, Website Design, Mobile Website Design And Other Integrated Services In One.
KHMERGAMING was established in Cambodia in 2014, purpose focus on developing professional and high quality games, focus on serving customer, through constant efforts, and has been established desktop website, mobile website, APP that intelligent merged in one, relies on cloudfront computing in progress for global distribution of industrial solutions.KHMERGAMING provides a full range of games, website development, various types of game providers access, following marketing options and cooperates with top providers in gaming industry to provide out the most perfect products, at the same time, we also provide customized products, new product development.Currently games on the market all are independent, relying on our game platform will be merged into various types of games, giving perfect answer to the marketing. Our company now is on booming, we are looking forward to your join!

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KHMERGAMING game platform has been achieved multi access method. Customers can use desktops, mobile phones, tablets to enter website and play games. Currently our game categories include sports games, live casinos, lotteries, number games, forex, pokers, mahjong, keno, several type slots game. All the games can be played using a single wallet which the main wallet can be used into all games, without any difficulty to transfers in or transfer out operations. We have provided 7 X 24 hours of customer support services, with providing 7 X 24 hours of online game services, players can enjoy online experience anytime



KHMERGAMING platform adapts to the major mainstream browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer. Also adapts to various operating systems: Windows, OS X. Our company have many game development services, game design websites, game design companies and game development websites. Our company have many game development services, game design websites and game development websites. Our company have many year experience with game development services and have alot game design companies partner around the world.



Now KHMERGAMING have a modern mobile game development sites that response all modern smart phone. Our company platform applies to IOS, Android, mainstream mobile phones, relies on mobile browser can work well without any cumbersome in download operation, can achieve interface customization, personalized.For non-smart phone users, we have specially developed a WAP version, so can use GPRS network for betting activities.



KHMERGAMING is suitable for today’s smart development, developed original installation process for IOS / Android smart phones, improving the smoothness of the games and giving customers a perfect experience, we also can achieve the server by providing a pop-up information to customers so that website can promote market new products to customers


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